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Tree Felling


Tree Felling

This process involves removing the entire tree as an individual unit. As with many of the services provided by the team here at Letham Tree Services, this process varies depending upon the type, condition and size of the tree.

In order to complete this process safely a suitable drop zone must be acquired where the tree can be felled safely without damaging the surrounding property or environment. This controlled manner of removing a tree is a safe practice when performed by our operatives.

The team at Letham Tree Services will always choose the safest solution for both the environment and the welfare of the public and workers. Therefore it is often chosen to use section felling when there is any risk of damaging or endangering surrounding areas and the public which is a likely scenario within urban environments where restricted drop zones are more common.

This procedure involves one of our professional arborists removing sections of the tree until down to the desired level using the correct lowering ropes, cables and slings correspondent to the size of the tree. The branches will be removed firstly and safely lowered to the ground using either ropes or by hand when safe and then the stem will be dismantled in sections and lowered accordingly.

We have the correct equipment and qualified professionals to tackle any size or situation of tree no matter the level of difficulty here at Letham Tree Services.

The team will always provide you with advice on the safest and most efficient method to remove your tree.


Large conifer being section felled at Oathlaw.


Large beech tree almost felled up Glen Isla.

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