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Dangerous Trees


Dangerous Trees

This service requires a thorough review of the situation of the tree or part of tree which is damaged or dangerous. The team will assess the options available to benefit both the tree and the safety of the operatives.

The severity of the damage will dictate our actions, if the damage is irreversible then we will need to safely dismantle the tree and remove it completely as it will ultimately die through its injury.

However if we can identify a solution to help the tree recover then we will always look to repair the damage as quickly and efficiently as possible. This can be achieved in variety of ways but most often it requires rebalancing the weight and tension of the broken tree. Through pruning we can remove branches to rebalance and minimise the effects of the damaged area of the tree.

We are also capable of clearing heavily damaged forests and windblow, the team have cleared a number of dangerous areas where several trees have been blown over and created a dangerous environment which poses a risk to both the public and wildlife. It is important to clear these areas as quickly as possible to prevent accidents and encourage the recovery of the environment.

We have the experience and professionals to deal with these situations which are the most dangerous environments within this field of work.

Dangerous Trees

Wind blow up Glen Isla.

dangerous trees

Fallen tree at Lintrathen. 

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