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Crown Lifting and Thinning


Crown Lifting and Thinning

The process of crown thinning aims to reduce the density of the greenery of the tree.

This is achieved through the removal of dead, dangerous, touching and crossing branches which have no benefit to the form or welfare of the tree.

We strive to ensure that the tree is left in a sound shape with a safe balance as to encourage future growth through a stronger branch system. By admitting a higher percentage of light and air through the remaining branches there will be less resistance to the wind and therefore the tree will benefit from a more stable and healthier growth and be able to cope with different weather elements more successfully.

The lifting of the crown involves removing the lowest branches from the stem as to raise the base of the crown to a desired height within reason as to maintain the structure and health of the tree. Every cut has an impact to a tree whether it be small or large and the team needs to fully assess the consequences to each procedure before making a decision for example raising a crown too high can impact stability and leave a poorly structured tree.

This procedure is commonly adopted in order to prevent obstruction to the surrounding environment such as public areas. It is a delicate process which we are capable of handling professionally to achieve your specific needs.


Lifting a row of crowns outside Forfar.


Completed crown thinning in Forfar.

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